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We offer a unique product packed with rich functionality, such as identification based on fingerprints, face, vein patterns and eyes; time tracking; integration with video surveillance systems and burglar alarms. The list of system modules is simply huge.

Moreover, you can get all-inclusive service with a complete warranty on installation work, equipment and software.

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Object Access Control

Mobile Registration of Personnel Passages
Setting up Access Schedules
Request Passage Authorization
Zone control / Antipassback
Multifactorial Identification
Gateway Mode
Handling Access Denied Situations
Limit Number of Persons in a Zone
Inspection of Personnel and Vehicles
Control of Trainings

Equipment Management by SIGUR

Card Capture Readers
Traffic Lights and Signs
Alcohol Testers
Integrated Locking Systems
Storage Devices / Key Lockers
Presence Readers Management
Reader Indication Management

Identification by Card, Barcode and Biometrics

Iris Biometric ACS 
Biometric Identification According to palm veins pattern
ACS with Face Recognition new
Identification in ACS Using Contactless Cards
Credit Card Identification
Secure Identification Based on Mifare Cards
ACS for Vehicles
Access Control by Barcode
PIN Identification

Access Control and Time Tracking System

Setting up Staff Work Schedules
Accounting for Various Violations of Work Schedule
Automatic Export of T-13 Timesheet in 1C
Using ASR terminals
Accounting for Vouchers
Different Time Zones Support
1C: Enterprise Integration
Exporting Passage Events to External Systems

SIGUR Administration

Maintaining a Personnel Filing
Personnel Synchronization with a Third-Party Database
Badge Editor
Operators Access Rights Management
Exporting Events to External Systems
Delegating Actions to a Third-Party System
Active Directory Integration
Cross Platform Support (Linux and Windows)

Integrated Security System

Integration with Fire Alarm and Security Systems
Integration with Video Surveillance Systems
Graphical Territory Plans
Change of Access Point Blocking Mode
Monitoring System Events
Setting Different Reactions to Events
Evacuation Report
Sending SMS / Telegram / Email Notifications
Unlocking in Case of Emergency

Payment Automation

Paid Access
Cashless Payments in Canteens

Guest Passes

Pass Requests Registration and Approval
Working with Temporary Passes
Document Recognition

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